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Challenging our In-Built Perspective

Times have changed from when we lived in indigenous communities where we were co-dependent on nature and seasons, not to mention shared roles and were dependent on each other. Now we have more individualistic temperaments, either consciously or unconsciously living in a world encouraging self-sufficiency, personal success and consumerism. Fame and wealth are hailed as what we all should want. But this is a rat-race that few can win.

Conversely, though not exclusively, we could find that happiness lies in the very different guiding principle of being part of the bigger whole; be it our family, our community, or our planet.

Is this self-centred, lack of community approach making us unhappy? Looking at it another way...., if you were to raise a child, which belief structure would you seek to give them, cooperation and collaboration or independence and reward-driven? Perhaps, you would seek a happy balance between both?

We all have our own in-built perspective of ourselves, our community and our world. Here are a few questions to help you establish which way you lean:

Do you think the world is a competition or a collaboration?

Do you think we are separate or one?

When you die its all over and you will be forgotten, or other people will remember you and carry you in their heart?

Do you feel that nature is a resource to be used or a living thing to be cared for, on which we utterly depend?

Is a good life one filled with material comforts, luxuries and recognition or one where you find meaning and purpose?

Do you think that life has no meaning or that life is meaning?

Do you feel either alone and/or frightened or comfortable with yourself and free of fear?

These 7 challenging questions are uncomfortable to consider. But might just help us think about our perspective on the world and how perhaps we could shift it to help make ourselves happier and change the mind-set for future generations to help with their overall happiness.

How about trying the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind", to see where your true allegiances lie and see whether they help you change your in-build perspective? Perhaps you will find that you have no need to change and are deeply content?

Ref: 10 Things Girls Need Most by Steve Biddulph &


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