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Corporate Services

  Yoga Classes (In-House or Remote)

  • Functions:

    • Stimulate and refresh

    • Reduce Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain 

    • Render the afternoon more effective

    • Alleviate Stress

  • Lunchtime or after-work yoga can help motivate and relax staff, rendering them more effective and more positive.

  • A 45minute lunchtime class will accommodate an hour lunch break

  • Premises can be provided if required

  • Fees on request



 Nutrition Talks and Workshops

  • I have been giving talks on nutrition for 8+ years.  


  • A series of workshops where the participants have goals 4 weeks later or  a one off talk are both popular approaches.

  • Talks available:

    • Demystify nutrition

    • Clinical nutrition - nutrition relating to different illnesses

    • Weight loss and maintenance

    • Dieting and the latest trends discussed

    • Protein - how much, how often, when?

  • These can be held in-house. I bring all equipment required. 

  • Fees on request


Sports massage on leg
 Remedial Massage

  • Functions:

    • Stimulate and refresh

    • Alleviate negative effects of sitting at a desk

    • Reduce tension and stiffness

    • Calm headaches, back and neck pain

    • Render the afternoon more effective

    • Aleviate Stress

  • A 20minute back, neck and shoulder massage available to staff in their lunchbreak

  • All equipment provided 

  • Fees on request



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