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Yoga - 4 Surprises Since Lockdown

1. New Clients

I have aquired corporate clients since lockdown. Is there a greater need?

Quote from University of Oxford, Earth Sciences: “I’m really enjoying your yoga sessions. And thank you! It’s a whole new world”.

2. Higher Attendance

Participants are attending more classes per week than previously, sometimes x3 more.

Quote from private client: “Thanks for setting [yoga classes] up online. I feel that your classes are more important than ever in these difficult times”

3. Loyalty to Live & Interactive Classes

I thought that people would leave my classes for free pre-recorded classes, but my clients say they use my classes to gain feedback and coaching, as well as a sense of normality. (On a personal note, I enjoy being able to tailor the theme to those individuals on that day).

Quote from corporate client: “Just wanted to say I enjoyed the class yesterday - it felt great to be challenged and to get a bit sweaty! It also made me realise how quickly you can lose your strength when you're inside for most of the day”

4. Greater Love

I can’t get enough of teaching yoga, I look forward to EVERY one of my 10 weekly classes.

I didn’t fall in love with yoga in my first class or even my first year. I never felt that yoga was going to change my life or that I needed to “be healed”. But I kept being drawn back to my mat. With each practice over the past 25 years I formed a bond with yoga that has grown and I like any strong relationship, I can’t envisage a time in the future without it.


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