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Yoga Daily Practice for the Soul

Yoga is so much more than how you move your body. It is how you interact with others, how you treat yourself and your mindset.

Here are few brief homework practices to help your yoga grow. Just pick one and practice it for a short period. You can then try another.

1. Inhale, exhale

You will encounter a stressful situation today. When you do, remember to inhale and exhale. (Maybe even walk away for a while) Breathing will slow you down, so that you will be more likely to make the choices you enjoy in your life.

2. Planning ahead is both absolutely necessary and completely impossible.

Before you start your day spend 10 minutes making a specific plan of how you will spend each hour of your day. At the end of the day notice how you followed the plan and how you didn't. Remember, planning helps us to focus, but forcing the plan creates rigidity. Celebrate your ability to plan for flexibility.

3. We all need the same things; safety, love respect and laughter

What can you do to experience these things today? How can you contribute to others feeling these things today?

4. I am always right, you are always right, now what?

If you focus on who is right in a conflict, it's difficult to resolve the conflict. Change your focus to how to achieve the best outcome for all concerned. Be creative as you strive for a mutually beneficial resolution.

5. Every chance you have, enjoy the things you love

It is really easy to put things off until you have completed something else. But there are always more things on the list. Sometime today take a break to do the thing that makes you happy (be it dancing, walking outdoors, playing...whatever your thing is). Then return to your work or day with fresh energy and gratitude.

6. How can I stand on my head when the earth is spinning through space at 60,000 miles per hour?There is so much that we don't fully know or understand. Chose today to accept that we don't understand how things may turn out but we can live with trust and courage regardless.


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