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Teaching at Yoga Festivals

Teaching at a festival has it's own unique feel. Generally participants are there because they want to be, they are open and receptive to new experiences and most importantly relaxed. A festival class has it's own energy and it is beautiful.

Oxford Vegan and Yoga festival in March was held at a school in Oxford. It was a little chilly with lots of wandering round trying to find the rooms that held the class you were interested in in a big site. The meditation class I taught was one of a large variety of classes on offer. The vegan food and products on sale as varied and high quality as the classes.

Om and Bass in July

had the typical summer-time, field-based warm and happy glow about it. That feeling of slowing down, opening up and trying new things with a group of smiley people. I didn't experience a class I didn't like and l loved teaching my classes.


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