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April : Stress Awareness Month

Here is a 7day program to help reduce your stress with little changes. It has been written by the Stress Management Society.

I love their analogy of the house foundations:

"Think of it like building a house – laying down a single brick may not seem significant. You might start small e.g., taking deep breaths during a stressful moment, or writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day.

These actions may seem small but they serve as the foundation of your mental wellbeing. As you continue to add more brick, your mental health house begins to take shape. Each brick represents a conscious choice to prioritize and build your mental health and resilience. They all add strength and stability, making you more resilient to the challenges that life brings. 

Overtime, the accumulation of these small consistent efforts leads to a remarkable outcome!"

Here are a few steps to be getting on with:

10min of continuous standing each day - encourages blood circulation

20min outdoors in nature each day

30min to unwind without TV or screen before bed each night


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