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Review - Vision Wild

It has been a few years since I ran a Vision Wild Event. I was there at the first few and right from the off they were well organised and run. They have everything a competitor could want, warm showers, rapid enrollment, a good course with lots of interesting terrain and ever evolving obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty.

The use of terrain to render the obstacles harder is wonderful. Mud in abundance and plenty of long runs for those who enjoy running. The 5km or 10km (with slightly harder obstacles) will work all of your body. There didn't seem to be very long queues for many obstacles when I attended in 2014.

OBSTACLE RATING: 8/10 nice variety and difficulty level with lots of high ones. Obstacles from the start with plenty to test your upper body strength.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 6/10 not tricky, but lots of obstacles to get your teeth into. This can be raced, and is ideal if you enjoy getting a good time. You will need to be both a runner and OCR competitor for the 10km, not so much running required for the 5km.


ORGANISATIONAL RATING: 9/10 There was no village when I last attended but you don't need one. Everything you need to run and change is provided and run to time.

Sadly there will be on further events run.


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