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6 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors in January - Reasons 5 & 6

(See previous blogs for reasons 1-4)

5. Get inspired with cheap kit bought in the January sales.

There are some great bargains on inivotive and supperb quality clothes and trainers, not to mention accessories out there. For example, Volvo have even released some reflective paint that is invisible in the light and washes out of clothes, but lights you up like a Christmas Tree in headlights on a dark night.

Invest in warmth and safety/visibility now and reap the rewards next time you go out. Some of the long sleeve tops and leggings that incorportate marino wool really are just the thing you need to help you out the door in cold weather. My thermal leggings are from Sweaty Betty and I sigh with pleasure each time I put them on.

The high quality outerlayers (such as Gore, Brooks and Mizuno) are being sold by companies with online presence like Prodirectsports and Wiggle for up to 40% off.

6. Inspire and be inspired by your friends

This is the time of year when we are more open to try new things and we talk to others about our new years resolutions. Whether it is hearing a friend informing you that they are doing something outdoors that you always wanted to try or whether you are the one inspiring and supporting someone to do something they have been nervous of doing on their own; seize the moment, hold each others hands and just do it!


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