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Weak Glutes - how to solve the problem

If there is a misfiring in the gluteus maximus it may be that strengthening alone will not resolve it.

Often it is simply a question of stretching the shortened antagonist muscles which are the:

- hip flexors (illiopsoas),

- middle quad at front of thigh (rectus femorus) or

- inside thigh muscles (adductors)

Sometimes the over dominant lower back stabilisers are useful to stretch too (quadratus lumborum).

In my self-help section of my website I have recorded a 4min 26sec video where I will show you how to stretch your inside thigh and lower back, then how to check if you glute is working, and then a few ways to start to get it working again.

If symptoms persist and you are unable to activate your glutes you may have a neurological reason (like impingement of inferior gluteal nerve caused by disc bulge at L5-S1) or a hip joint pathology (like a labral tear or FAI).


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