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Quick Read: Ensure You Have Insurance for Your Bike & Of the Right Kind

  1. First check your home contents insurance, do you have cover for your bike? Is it the level of cover you want (old for new?) and of the correct value for the bike. You can have your bike valued by a cycle shop dealing in your make of bike (e.g. Cannondale or Trek dealer).

  2. What does the small print say in your cover, e.g. mine stated that I needed evidence of the bike, specifying that if I didn’t have the receipt then I should provide a photo of it (see cheesy pick attached!)

  3. Does your lock comply to the required standard? Often insurance companies specify that they will not payout if you haven’t used a Sold Secure lock of Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the value of the bike. Again, you can photograph the lock as evidence of ownership.

  4. If you don’t like the level of cover provided by your home contents insurance there are companies out there that just cover your bike and do discounts for multiple bikes. E.g. CyclePlan

  5. Do you want to have loss of earnings cover included in your bike insurance?


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