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Personal thoughts during and post- Lockdown?

I’m immensely grateful to have a happy, healthy and supportive family, extended family and friends. Sounds cheesy, but lockdown has given our little family invaluable time together before our chicks start to leave the nest next year.

I’m grateful that we currently have financial resilience, I fear for the financial resilience of others in the impending world recession, possibly depression and wonder how to help.

I continue to accept my mortality and appreciate every day as a bonus.

I am saddened at the thought that lessons learnt during lockdown may be lost (care for the environment, cohesive community, empathy for our services).

I am weary of inadvertently spreading the virus myself.

There appears to be a collective review of what we would change and what we would keep pre and post lockdown. Here are my own:

1. Retain the family time. Don’t work evenings unless absolutely financially necessary.

2. Greater on-line presence - there is a need for it, so don’t hide as I’ve done for years.

3. Support, support, support. My contribution has shifted from trying to ease physical pain (through personal training and sports massage) to trying to help people feel good (mentaly and physically).

4. Continue to learn and grow my own knowledge in order to help others.

5. Only use the car when absolutely necessary.

6. Smile and greet others out and about.


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