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Make a Plan, Keep It

Ready to get more active. Here's how:

  1. Chose something you enjoy or want to try. Selecting something you think you ought to but know you won't enjoy is harder to achieve.

  2. Plan it into your diary each week. Select a particular time and keep that appointment.

  3. Find a partner to join you. It's easier to attend your exercise if you feel like you are letting someone down if you don't go.

  4. Make sure you prepare BEFORE your session. Have everything ready the night before. If you know you will need waterproof clothes, change for parking or even head torches, make sure you have them ready and charged up. That way there will be no excuses.

  5. Start small. You don't have to run for 30mins or walk all day. Start with a manageable distance or time just to ease yourself in. It's not cheating. With each "win" you will be enthused to do a bit more. But with each "failed" session you will be more inclined to give up.

  6. Enjoy it. If you aren't enjoying it, be flexible to change to another activity, venue or exercise

  1. partner.


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