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Brooks Hell Runner - Hell Down South (OCR) review

This Obstacle Course Run (OCR) pitches itself as one of the hardest to complete. I have to agree.

There are pretty much only man made obstacles on this forces base at Longmoor Camp in Hampshire, but it is the repetitive use of extreme gradient hills and the time of year that are the killer. Yes the sand pit is tough at the end of a 10+ mile run, yes breaking the ice and having to swim through gullies again, and again and again saps your will, but it is watching others running up and then down and up again the same hill next to you & knowing that you will have to do the same that really tries your will power.

This is my favorite course for sheer grit and determination. Don't go expecting obstacles to challenge you, it is the terrain and your willpower to carry on that you have to battle.

WARNING: not for those who suffer from hyperthermia easily or circulatory issues.


OBSTACLE RATING: 10/10 (there are no obstacles, but the use of terrain to work you is intense)

MUD RATING: 3/10 - very little mud, but it doesn't matter

ORGANISATION RATING: 6/10 - parking long way from event, in cold with just a foil blanket & cup of tea (especially after the race when hyperthermia sets in), starting too many in one go, inadequate facilities to facilitate warming up (although this was 2015 and it may have changed).

Would I do this again? ...I would love to say yes as I really enjoyed it. I'm not certain that I can cope with being that cold at the end again.

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