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Review - MudRunner Oblivion

Now here is an OCR! This course was challenging, muddy, fun, well organised and well attended. Using the LandRover testing site at Eastnor Castle Estate is inspirational. Inviting kids to join you on the course was exceptional.

We have tried to book this event up again, despite it's distance for us to travel, as my teenagers and I loved this OCR. Sadly, it was not run in 2016, and there is no information about 2017.

This OCR starts on a steep hill that must be over a mile long, the countryside is varied with much woodland, wetland and rolling hills. There are not many obstacles but the cars have created such deep tracks with sufficient gooey mud to make you fear for your trainers remaining with you!

OBSTACLE RATING: Long steep hills are used well, the course is gooey and rutted. The obstacles are few, but well placed. This is a challenging run with a few entertaining obstacles. It is more about the mud than the obstacles.


you could race this, but don't look for an upper body workout, it is really a run.

MUD RATING: 10/10 Expect to be thoroughly dirty. Tie up those laces well!

ORGANISATIONAL RATING: 10/10. A village with band, communal warm bath, changing area, key drop, and lots of happy marshals ready to help. Food of many varieties and camping too.


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