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Review - Supershot Challenge

One of my earliest OCR (Obstacle Course Race) experiences (Mar 2014) I was keen to see how they would combine paintballing with obstacles. I was disappointed. Admittedly this was its first year, but the obstacles were ziz-zagged across what appeared to be a landing strip with skips to provide water (very easy to climb in, one step and you are out the other side!), some carries, albeit light and short. Because all the obstacles were packed into one space, you could see what you were approaching, there was little running between and much of the guiding tape had started to blow away. It felt like the organizers were very new to OCR and hadn't done their research properly (and possibly underfunded?).

The fun bit was leaving the open area and heading into the woods with a mask and instructions to run through the paintball zone whilst we were being shot at. The paintball bit was great fun, but brief. I felt that the shooters had tremendous fun taking pop-shots at the competitors, but may have taken it a little easy on us female competitors.

You could race this course, but I don't feel that you would want to.

OBSTACLE RATING: 3/10 - a couple of hay bales, warning tape and skips with a dribble of water, does not an OCR make! Very simple and repetitive.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 4/10 - a good beginner race, but not for those who either have tried any previous OCR or dislike being hit by paintball guns. Oh, and not for those who are claustrophobic (the gas masks could potentially freak you out).

MUD RATING: 2/10 - wasn't any!!

ORGANISATION LEVEL: 4/10 too few toilets, nowhere to change, a single file registration in March creates very long queues!

Summary: A few years experience and this baby OCR could grow into something exciting. Will I return...sorry, but no.


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