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Review - Rough Runner (Oxford)

This is a fun, water and inflatable OCR. Great Tew is a beautiful setting for this easy going 5,10 or 15km course. The running is easy with few hills and only man-made obstacles, most of which are inflatable, inventive and fairly easy.

The travellator at the end is brief and somewhat challenging, the ball pit highly entertaining. Take your friends, enjoy the sunshine and have a laugh round this happy, lighthearted course.

OBSTACLE RATING: 7/10 - fewer obstacles than some OCR, not tricky either, but really great fun. The giant pigeons, the rotating arms knocking you off stepping stones, not to mention the giant gym ball pit to climb through are wonderful fun. You can expect queues, so don't try to race it.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 5/10 gentle rolling hills, obstacles are fun rather than testing. Held in May this is a nice time of year to take a run round the beautiful countryside.

MUD RATING: 3/10 - this is wet rather than muddy. Great for those who prefer to stay clean.

ORGANISATION RATING: 8/10 - very professional, wonderful feel of at the village at the end watching people tackle the travellator.

Would I do it again, yes. I'll get a group of people together of all fitness levels (who haven't tried OCR before) to enjoy this event in the sunshine.


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