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Sportive Cally 2015

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Over 15+yrs I've developed many tools to help my clients. A deep tissue masseur for those in pain or the sporting world. A yoga teacher for those looking to lengthen and ease. A personal trainer to those needing motivation, inspiration and education. A canicross instructor for dog lovers who like to run. A mother. An adventurer. I've been in this industry since 2007 and I'm loving it.

I'm certified to teach, Olympic weight lifting, yoga, spin, clinical nutrition, child movement patterns, managing behaviour change & more. (see below)



I can help  addressing pain through massage & exercise prescription.

I have massaged for pro cyclists, British triathletes, UK windsurfing champs, strongmen, ultra athletes, ice hockey teams, football teams, our army & NHS staff.​

Personal Training

I have helped train clients pre & post knee, abdominal and hip surgery, to pass the Fire Brigade & RAF reserves assessments



In 2010 I established 5 running groups for local council and became a UK Athletics affiliated Run Leader.  In 2020 I qualified as a canicross instructor.


I  have taught yoga both to coporates & privately since 2014.

I have worked for businesses such as Ebay and Oxford University. 2014-16 I worked for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy.​ I currently teach students in Japan, Oman, India & Belgium.


I use my knowledge of brains, bodies and movement to help assess, inform and advise.

I am not here to push you to your limits or make you scream, I am here to encourage and inform you to make decisions appropriate to enhance your life.  

Cally x

"It's been a year since you sorted the pain in my shoulder. I haven't had it since. Must come and see you about my foot!"

Greg, Massage client

Nicole holiday 2023
Derbyshire Canicross 2023
Vision Mud group shot
sobell house team_edited
massage 2018
Anneka wedding1
French Revolution 2019
BJJ comp
Canicross 3 dogs
plank to handstand
Om&Bass 2018 4
Bruce & Mia yoga students
Milton, Oxfordshire run group
Om&Bass 2018 2
massage 2018
Bruce yoga student Oxford Uni
Mendip Roulers 2022
Massage at Bonsall 2022
Jane yoga on a bike
Becky's wedding
Nicole yoga student 1
Nicole yoga student 2
Immunocore class2
Vision Wild run 2014
Massage Therapy


  • Osteopathic Positional Release diploma, OMT Training, Feb 2024

  • IASTM diploma - Jan 2024

  • Understanding Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, OMT Training, Dec 2023

  • Vital Nerves, John Gibbons, 2022-2023

  • Vital Shoulder, John Gibbons, 2021

  • Vital Glutes, John Gibbons, 2020

  • Canicross qualified, DogFit, Oct 2020

  • 5 Joints & The Diaphragm (Medfit Education Foundation), Apr-May 2020

  • Exercise & Stress Management (PTA Global), Apr 2020

  • Sciatica, Coaching, BOSU, Foam Rollers modules (PTontheNET) Oct 2019

  • Kinesiology Taping Masterclass (John Gibbons), Nov 2018

  • (Zinc Oxide) Taping and Strapping (ProActive Training), Oct 2017

  • Remedial Massage L4 qualification (Drummond Education), Sept 2017

  • Sports Massage L3 qualification (Drummond Education), March 2017

  • Postural Analysis & Correction (Drummond Education), Jan 2017

  • Change & Motivational Interviewing course (Discovery Learning), Mar 2015

  • Strength conditioning training (Olympic weightlifting) (Discovery Learning), Mar 2015

  • Clinical nutrition course (Discovery Learning), Nov 2014

  • Studio Cycling Instructor Training (Premier Training Int), Aug 2013

  • Emergency Response - Sports Injuries (Nuco Training), Sept 2012 (ongoing first aid every 3 years)

  • Child Protection Awareness in Sport & Active Leisure (Educare), Jun 2011

  • Qualify to Instruct Yoga (Northern Fitness) Nov 2009 & Nov 2011

  • SAQ Trainer Level 1 - Early Developmental Movement (SAQ International), Apr 2011

  • U.K. Athletics affiliated Run Leader, Feb 2009

  • Body Balance (Les Mills), Jan 2009

  • Advanced Fitness Instructor (Personal Trainer), Level 3 (Lifetime), May 2008

  • Gym Instructor -Level 2 (Lifetime), Dec 2007

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500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158


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Cromford, DE4 3RJ



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