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Online Yoga Class

"I feel that your classes are more important than ever during lockdown"



Recommend Caroline

​“Caroline's repertoire of teaching skills equips her excellently to help you with flexibility. 

She is a superb PT

I have great respect for her ability to work on full body flexibility as she is highly qualified in a range of disciplines."

Pippa Bassett, Physio (pictured)

Lotus Pose
Yoga client 

Helped My Hip Problems

"I have been attending Caroline's classes for the last 2 years. 

The yoga has helped a great deal with the problems I have had with my hips. Caroline is an observant and very knowledgeable instructor. Quietly and gently tailoring her classes so that each individual can get the best for their own individual needs. "

Cathy Barrett, yoga client  

Massage client

Pain removed

"3 months of neck pain has gone since Caroline's sports massage and advice.  I will use her for any back pain".




Triathlon training plan

"Caroline is very knowledgeable with infectious enthusiasm and she worked me out really quickly.  I'm a couch potato at heart but had set my mind on the challenge of a sprint triathlon. 

I received simple tips that helped me to breath and have confidence in my body that I can keep going.  I was so happy to finish my first tri "

Lisa Harris, Osteo and Triathlete  (pictured)

running up staris
PT Client

Neck mobility & motivation

"I have been working with Caroline for 18 months.

My initial objectives were fivefold; namely get fitter; make workouts fun and fulfilling; improve the strength, flexibility and movement of my neck which had been damaged in an accident; and bring discipline and regularity to my exercise. 

I can confidently say that all of those objectives are being met, and more. Caroline is highly qualified and extremely experienced in her work. Our workouts are very varied, yet with a very clear purpose in mind. She records the results of every session so progress can be monitored and any issues identified.

I thoroughly enjoy my workouts."

Peter Miller-Smith, Runner 

PT client

Learnt to love exercise

“Just wanted to say a big thank you Caroline for taking me on just over a year ago, someone who had never enjoyed exercise in her life before (the only thing I played truant for at school!!). The yoga, the boxing, the running and the personal training have totally converted me, the weight hasn't dropped off but I'm toned and 'average' fitness for my age, which although that frustrated me, is a massive step from the couch potato that I was!

Thanks for your encouragement, your patience, your belief in me and your calm determination, I will really miss you!"​
Julie Heron, personal training client​ (pictured)

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