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My Favourite Snacks for Exercise (& when)

I snack regularly. I prefer to go for high nutrition and low refined sugar if possible. Here are some of my favourite foods and when to eat them:

Carrot, Courgette and Feta Flapjacks - During long rides, runs or swims

Slow release carbs and lots of veggie goodness in these delish savoury flapjacks for long distance athletes (1hr or more) during exercise or before. Not full of sugar, syrup and butter, unlike sweet flapjacks, so don’t give you the sugar spike or make you feel a bit sickly.

Almond & Apricot, Coconut Energy Balls - Burst of energy before or after exercise

Eat before or after you exercise to replace protein and carbs. Careful, you only need one, but will want more! I don’t add the honey that this recipe calls for, instead just a little vanilla essence.

Edamame Beans - Post strength workout

As a veggie (who doesn’t like eggs) I could eat these all day, and thats a good thing, because I sometimes find it hard to eat enough protein. A pot as soon as you finish your strength workout is perfect! Combine with a glass of oat milk (to get the carbs) or normal milk if you prefer. I keep them in the freezer and take out before my workout for afterwards.

Overnight Oats - Carrot Cake flavour - Morning of a Big Event

Start the day right with this creamy, vegan, carb fest. Perfect for giving you quick and slow release sugars, loads of antioxidants...and best of all its packed with flavour. To ring the changes I‘ll have overnight oats made with almond milk, stewed apple and cinnamon, which is equally good for you & delicious.


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