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January Blues

I don't feel that January is an unexciting month, for me it is a planning month. With a year full of promise ahead, this is the time to book in those things that you always wanted to do, but haven't yet made time for (notice I said, "made time for").

Go on, make January fun, what are you going to try this year??

Here are just some of my list of thigs to try/do:

This year I have some physical plans:

- shooting at an indoor range (something I was good at as a cadet at school)

- improving my butterfly (this wont be hard, I'm pretty rubbish, but enjoy the gruelling cardio element of the swim stroke)

- cycling abroad (wehey, come on France, let's see your hills)

- running a caniX event with the puppy I walk

- try orienteering (I used to teach this at an outdoor pursuit centre, but wouldn't have the confidence in my neglected map reading skills to take myself too seriously!)

I have some self preservation plans:

- watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day

- 2 weeks without refined sugar (I'm 2 days off completing this one)

- don't complain for a whole week (errrmmmm!.....)

- stay off social media for a whole weekend (this one is for this weekend)

- do some art each month

- smile all day

- explore a mountain (mountains are a peaceful place for me, they make me happy)

- meditate each day for 2 months

Some stuff to broaden my horizons:

- try Krav Maga (this is on my "always wanted to" list)

- go surfing

- make a veg plot

- ride a tandem or unicycle

- learn to play a song on the guitar

- give a gift to a stranger

- do a wine tasting (I'm not so keen on this one, but it will be enjoyable to do with my husband, who is great at this sort of thing)

- test drive a car

- attend an open mic eventing or comedy evening (laughter is so important! I ask Alexa to tell me a joke every day! They are terrible, so they make me laugh even more!)

- watch a meteor shower (yup, this is possible, even in the Uk. We can see some amazing things in the sky in January)

- go on a road trip (I have had some superb road trips before, especially in Alaska, but this can be by coach, train or bike to be more environmentally friendly)

Sometimes it is important to remember to give back: - help a neighbour

- give a gift to a stranger

- plant a tree (s)

- ask for your children's advice and follow it or get them to teach me something!

- give someone my full attention when they talk to me

- stay silent for half a day (difficult in my job, but this is to remind me of the importance to listen)

- help at a hostel or soup kitchen (Oxford Hub have many opportunities to help our community and planet).

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