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Work Experience

Things I have gained from doing work experience with Caroline include:

- appreciating the range of knowledge a PT offers to the clients,

- an idea of the number of hours which is put into each client, when they aren't with the PT, so that they can gain the most out of their training program,

- a better idea how much experience is needed to become a great personal trainer,

- appreciating that a good PT is has a range of abilities/skills in order to provide variety to a group session,

- learning the importance of knowing your clients and their needs (for example previous injuries or surgeries, mental state including tiredness). Having this knowledge of them helps to adapt programs to prevent any future problems and work on areas that need to be targeted (or avoided).

I found it easy to see these qualities being demonstrated straight away as the environment and atmosphere of each session is always upbeat and positive despite the possible difficulty of the session. There is a positive atmosphere created for clients & the level of effort everyone puts in in order to get the results they want to achieve is extremely high, which leads me to believe that the perfect balance has been achieved between Caroline and her clients. It has been a great experience and I believe this has helped to shape my possible future career path.


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