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Review - Henley Trail Run

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Wow, what views. This 10km or 1/2M run takes you through the most beautiful countryside with riverside trails, meadows & views of (distant) glorious manor houses. For the nosey people, it is also fun running along both sides of the river and checking out the marquee for the Regatta in Henley.

13th May....the perfect time of year to run. Cool, but not too cool. Warm, but not too warm. We were in luck with glorious sunshine this year.

Very relaxed timekeeping. You could view this one of two ways. 1. Could be annoying for those trying to ensure they have completed their warm-up (and then have to try to stay warmed up for as long as it takes for the announcer to get two groups of runners to different locations & for the 10kgroup to leave). 2. If you happen to have arrived late, you have plenty of time to register, hydrate, pee and get to the correct start.

Things I liked:

- beautiful out and back/looped route

- small and friendly "village" near the start

- time of year

- reassurance of cyclist in the lead

- super friendly marshals

- gel handed out at furthest drink station

- 1/2M group forming a tunnel for the 10km group to run through at the start (lovely and encouraging)

Some minor improvements:

- clearer signage on roads leading to event

- loud speaker for the 1/2M announcer giving us the route

- change route where there are runners going in both directions & have to wait because of the narrow paths and kissing gates

- the cheeky 1 mile that you have to run beyond the finish (was it my imagination or did it look uphill?)

Overall - highly recommend 9/10 run.


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