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Review - Pukka Race's: Diabolo

Wow, what a course! I liken this to Hell Down South, but at a warmer time of year. It is not for the feint-hearted...or those who dislike hills.

This course doesn't have many man-made obstacles or much variety, but I loved it. The intensity of the terrain and how the course is marked round the quarry has created a really challenging course in a relatively small area. I was initially concerned that I may grow tired of being in a quarry for 15km, and that the lack of variety (no forest runs, no lake crossing, no A-frames or monkey bars) would frustrate me, I was totally wrong. I never grew bored, the marshalls were amazing, but it was the course and it's insane gradients that kept me excited about what was round every corner and the time flew!

The 5km course, with options to do 1,2 or 3 laps was so extremely hilly that it was a slow one. We managed a 50min first lap, 55min second and 57min 3rd lap. There was plenty of walking, which I would normally frown apon, but this really does reflect the gradients. I love switchbacks, they test you to the limit, there were plenty here. Some of the gradients were so steep that they were roped to help your ascent.

The other competitors seemed to be more experienced OCR-ers. I wonder if this course would put OCR virgins off?

OBSTACLE RATING: 4/10 - but don't be put off, this course has been designed so creatively, you won't miss the man-mad obstacles.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: 8/10 - love, love, love the short but crazy gradients and relentless hills

MUD RATING: 7/10 - enough to be entertaining, but not too much to slow you down

ORGANISATION LEVEL: 9/10 - never been transported on a bus to the venue from the car park, seen headbands on sale or had a heated changing room before. Never mind body sized wet wipes. Well done!

Summary: If you like a hard workout for your legs this is your race. I adored this!

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