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Review - Kitchen Sink Race (OCR)

This brilliantly conceived Obstacle Course Race (OCR) is great for newbies and seriously hard-core OCR runners.

The short 3.3km course has many fun & challenging obstacles which include both natural and man-made. Its simplicity is awesome. You have 3 hours to get round the course as many times as you wish/are able to carrying household objects of your choice. Larger &/or bulkier objects are worth more points. E.g. giant trampolene 200+ points, raw egg 20points.

Beginners can be reassured, that they can stop at any time, carry lighter items and go at any pace that suits them.

Hard core racers can opt for heavy and bulky items to get greater challenge, trying to do more laps at a faster pace. (e.g. armchairs, motors, vacuum cleaners, futons)

Admittedly we were lucky with the mild weather, as this is a December event, but I really couldn't have been any more fun.


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