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6 Reasons to Exercise Outdoors in January - Reasons 3 & 4

3. Get carried on the wave of the "New Year, New Habbits" ethos

There are many events being advertised to do this year. Ensure that your new habbit continues into February and onwards by booking some events in your calendar and planning your training towards them. You will find it so much easier to get out there when you are working towards a goal.

If you need some ideas my Facebook page, Caroline Dendy Fitness lists some (mostly local) runs, cycles and triathlons of all length, terrain and seriousness! NB you will need to become a friend of the page in order to see them.

4. Try out your Christmas Presents

It may take you until February to figure out fully how to use that new watch or movement tracker, but persever and you will reap the rewards. Sometimes it is easiest to ask around and find someone who has the same make and get them to explain how they use it.


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