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Stress Reduction

This is what I have writen on my studio wall. It is meant to inspire and to re-focus anyone who reads it. What do I mean by re-focus? Well, what I mean is, that we all live such busy lives and get so wrapped up in them (and yes, stressed by them) that it is difficult to step back and remember what is really important. This sign is there to remind us of the basics and in doing so bring joy and hope back to our hearts.

Stress in small amounts is good for us, it can drive us, but it is how we interpret a stressful situation & then deal with it that can have an impact on our health & well-being.

I was reminded recently to take a step back and re-evaluate what the really important things in life are. This help us to re-establish which things really are worthy of stressing us out. Here is a link that I found help to re-set our perspective of what is important:

If we find it difficult to take a step back and reinterpret what is actually stressful to reduce our stress-levels, then perhaps a different approach is needed. One way is to take time out.

When I teach yoga classes you can see the stress falling off my participants shoulders during the class. They walk away looking calmer, taller and younger and happier. Taking time out from the many calls on our attention and time can really help reduce your stress levels. Be it playing music, doing yoga, or going for a run, whatever is your thing, really. Remember to take time to yourself, time when you aren't looking at a screen, time to calm your mind.


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