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Change in the Weather - time to get muddy!

Don't be put off getting outdoors just because the weather has changed. This is a great time to get out on some trails and get muddy! Mountain biking, exploring the Ridgeway & other trails are exhilarating in rain and sun. Better still, find some friends and make a trip of it.

There are some great routes on MapMyRide+ and other bike apps.

Remember, take water, be visible. Lastly, a bike repair kit can make the difference between a nusance puncture and a ruined trip.

I issue a challenge to you... 3weeks of 25miles per week.

See my FB page (Caroline Dendy Fitness) for days when I will be out riding. The first group ride was the 25th Oct. The next will be 8th November, then evey other week in Nov and a keen-bean one on 28th Dec.....chilly!


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