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Arabic Korg Pa3x Set .rar




abic korg pa3xb set.ralish i don't need ur help vistakiller I have to get the same device with my user-account on a new Ubuntu 12.04 as root-account on the same Ubuntu 12.04: First I tried to modify this file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf it didn't work. ( I just removed the line "LogoPath":"/usr/share/icons/Humanity/places/48x48.png") Now I'm reading about this problem and the solution is to add "Option DPMS" as a new line into the existing file. I tried to do that but it also didn't work. Please can you help me? Is there any other way? vistakiller @ucd_asc_sup @Sid24: As an user I don't know, but as the adminstrator of the computer I can do it. It is quite complex, I'm not able to do it because of my self-knowledge. I don't think you can edit that file. It has been specially made for the root account to work. In a sense, the account you're using is the main account of the computer, so the entire system can be made to use the different programs. So there is no other way? I'm trying to do it because I want to get my files and my applications back in the original language. If this is not possible, can you tell me how to activate this option? So there is no other way? I'm trying to do



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Arabic Korg Pa3x Set .rar

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